About Us

Sebastien Pacetti


Founder of YUNOIA, s.r.o and Protagonist s.r.o, and ex-CCO of WarHorse Studios (creator of the now famous Kingdom Come: Deliverance), Pacetti was previously associate director of GameForge, Ubisoft Massive business development director, and head of video games and digital software EMEA for Amazon.

With over 17 years experience in the industry and the creation of the YUNOIA and Protagonist.gg platforms represents a shift in the way games developed, funded, and ultimately launched, Pacetti continues to be a thought-leader in the industry.

Sean Slavik

Disavowed Holdings

Sean Slavik, CEO, Investor, Founder, and independent developer, Slavik has been programming and developing games for over 20 years. As an investor, Slavik has helped fund the development of Colina: Legacy, Mikura: Going Home, RestLess, FlakJak, as well as partnered with Sebastien Pacetti to finance YUNOIA.

Since entering full time into the games industry in 2015, Slavik has built a publishing and development support company, Chance6 Studios, as well as led the development of its platform, GameRights.net.

Tim Hoang

Disavowed Holdings

Tim is a seasoned finance professional who partners with CEO's, executives, and entrepreneurs to map out and strategically execute on their visionary goals. After over 15 years in various capacities, Hoang understands big-picture business frameworks through analyzing key transaction details.

Joining Disavowed in 2017, Hoang left Red 5 Studios with a firm understanding of game development finance, and the skillset to craft a clear picture of a studio solely from its financials.