Investing in Growing Game Companies

Transparent Investments in the Video Game Industry

Our Guiding Virtues


As Games Industry veterans, we take the radical approach of being honest and transparent in an industry that traditionally has been exclusive and limited. Guided by these two simple principles, we've established ourselves in a position uniquely capable of offering value growing opportunities to Investors and Game Studios.


Being honest with our investors and the studios we support, making sure the risks and our methods are understood, and helping both sides make sound decisions is how we got where we are. It's time to change the games industry, one investment at a time.

Building value

We are here to build value for our clients. We believe the best way to grow wealth is by first ensuring that we maximize the potential returns, but to also minimize the potential downside. Through our carefully constructed pipeline, we can achieve both.

Our Tools


By combining a pool of potential candidates, along with industry feedback and metrics gathering, Yunoia assists in identifying potentially high-performing acquisitions, and connects us with the studio for our due diligence.'s goal is to make sure that our investments are managed properly and the studios have all they need to meet their launch goals. By funneling projects from unproven, independent studios to, we mitigate our risks by having a trusted and experienced partner to provide oversight to the development, confirming via regular reports and updates on the progress to the milestones established.

We carefully select and plan our investments to layer returns. We always want to hit a reasonable target on our investments. But after years in the industry, there's one undeniable truth: not every game is a hit. We use a variety of instruments to secure our investments, such as allowing conversion of the debt to equity in the studio which we can build up for success with more influence, and we collateralize our investments with the IP and assets of the game. GameRights.Net offers the ability to sell those assets and the rights to use them on to other developers, investors, or studios looking to jumpstart a project, thereby allowing us to recover some of our investment, in that unfortunate case